Since 2000 HOUSTON BADGE CO. ( has designed, manufactured and marketed custom badge jewelry to law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel and their families across the United States and Canada. To date we have been blessed to complete and deliver well over 4,000 unique custom projects while maintaining an excellent reputation for customer service and excellence in design and order execution.

Over the years we have occasionally been asked to assist a fellow jeweler meet a request for custom badge or corporate logo jewelry. We have often been able to successfully fulfill those requests despite having no formal process for accommodating trade orders.

Our G. Rowe Craftsman division and website are the beginnings of our effort to allocate and focus resources to specifically meet trade demand.

A limited number of select retailers will be welcomed as licensed dealers of HOUSTON BADGE CO. and G. Rowe Craftsman.

Orders for custom badge or other emblematic jewelry made by HOUSTON BADGE CO. for resale will be accepted through G. Rowe Craftsman from our licensees.

Additionally, licensees will be granted exclusive rights in their market area for HOUSTON BADGE CO. non-custom badge jewelry and G. Rowe Craftsman original design religious, personal and fraternal fine jewelry.

For additional information please see our Dealer Inquiry page.

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